Oldbaum purchase Wind Iris LiDAR due to growing demand

 December 2014

After recent successful deployments in Denmark and Holland, Oldbaum has acquired a Wind Iris LiDAR system to add to the wind energy consultancy’s growing range of wind data instrumentation.

The Wind Iris, manufactured by Avent LiDAR Technology, is a flexible nacelle-based LiDAR used for measuring upstream wind speed. The instrument can deliver highly valuable information about the wind climate that the wind turbine experiences. This information can be used for studies such as wind turbine optimisation and post-wind farm construction noise assessment.

With the addition of the Wind Iris, Oldbaum is now able to offer all forms of LiDAR-based measurement for our clients as a data service. This includes nacelle-based, ground based, floating LiDAR, as well as scanning LiDAR.

Oldbaum’s independent approach allows the consultancy the freedom to offer a wide selection of LiDAR systems. These come from a multitude of manufacturers and are appropriately chosen by our technical team to match the client’s measurement requirements.

For further information on buying or renting a WindIris LiDAR please email: reachforthewind@oldbaumservices.co.uk

If you are interested in learning more about our flexible, independent and innovative solutions please get in touch with our friendly team - email reachforthewind@oldbaumservices.co.uk

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