Occupation Health & Safety Policy (OH&S) & Objectives

Oldbaum Services regards Health and Safety standards as an integral part of the business and acknowledges that high standards of OH&S will contribute to the overall performance of the company.

Oldbaum are committed to putting in place an organizational structure, policies, and procedures to ensure that its practices are compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation and regulations.

Through Oldbaum’s organizational structure & policies, Oldbaum is committed to ensuring that adequate and appropriate resources are available to implement the policies, and that the policies are coherently implemented and regularly reviewed. Policies and procedures are held in separate accessible documents. Those policies and procedures will be referenced to where appropriate throughout Oldbaum’s OH&S manual.

The company has the following objectives for its Operation Health & Safety management system:

  1. Implement the Operation Health & Safety Policy and achieve 100% compliance.
  2. Maintain the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification.
  3. Ensure the availability of resources and identify training requirements for all personnel.
  4. Conduct Management Reviews of the effectiveness of the implementation of the Quality Management System on the schedule described below.
  5. To ensure that Oldbaum Services has no health and safety incidents in the next 12 months.
  6. To ensure that Oldbaum Services has no health and safety near misses in the next 12 months.

The objectives above will be reviewed annually, and updated to reflect the findings of internal audits and management review meetings.

This policy has been agreed by Oldbaum’s top management and has been communicated internally. It will also be made available to the public.


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